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The Professional Photographers Guild of Houston board and I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge at the Get Down To Business program. The information you shared was fabulous. Our members are still talking and trying the new things they learned from your program.
Kim Christiansen — Kim Christiansen Photography, Friendswood, TX
There were SO many "golden nuggets" to apply to my business. There was not a minute of boring information. Thanks so much for providing this workshop.
Jen Marxen — Studio M Photography, Exira, IA
Honestly, this should have been the VERY first thing I did when I started my business. I can't wait to see the changes coming to my business this year and going forward. Thank you!
Erica Loeks — Erica Loeks Photography and Design, Minneapolis, MN
Loved Ann's program and would like to attend another one! Can't wait to really get control over all the business aspects of my company. Thanks so much for spending your time with us!
Carrie Perez — Carie Perez Photography, Cape Girardeau, MO
Thank you so much for all the great materials!
Brianne Osborn — Brianne Osburn Photo and Design, Roland, IA
I cannot thank you enough. I'm going home with my head spinning with ideas!
Leslie Conway — CPI Photographics, Warrington, PA
I want to thank you for all the amazing information you shared over the 2-day seminar. I enjoyed your class so much and learned even more. I've already figured the Cost of Sales for all my portraits and products and have my NEW price list completed...Woo Hoo! Now I have a price list that is simple and profitable for me. I'm even getting comments from my clients saying how easy it is to choose their portraits and albums. Your program rocked my world!
Sherri Noftsinger — Sherri's Portraits, Kennasaw, GA
I love Ann more than I love my luggage!
Jeff Lee — Burdick & Lee Gallery, Inc., Hoffman Estates, IL
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and hard work this past two days. I learned a ton from you and hope to put some of it to good use.
Wendy Palmer, Wendy Palmer Photography, Inc., Hummelstown, PA
I attended your "Get Down to Business" seminar in Saskatoon 2 weeks ago. The seminar was absolutely amazing and provided me with new tools and a bucket list of changes that I need to make to my business!!! .
Lavonne Gorrill, The Natural Look, Lumdsden, SK
After listening to speakers for over 30 years, you are the only one that held my attention every minute. You were to the point, paid attention to the details, and did not bore me to death with personal stories. I heard and remembered everything you said. It's as if you had a crystal ball and looked right into my studio and were telling how to solve my problems. You are without a doubt the best speaker I've ever heard.
Steve Vento, S. Vento Photography, Olympia, WA
I attended your "Get Down to Business" seminar in Saskatoon 2 weeks ago. The seminar was absolutely amazing and provided me with new tools and a bucket list of changes that I need to make to my business!!! .
Lavonne Gorrill, The Natural Look, Lumdsden, SK
Thank you so much for presenting an excellent program in Pasadena . . . it was very informative and enlightening. Thanks for your time and your generous sharing of information.
Julie Sutton, Sutton Photography, Lancaster, CA
I just want to say thank you for the wonderful workshop you put on this week for us in Dallas. Honestly, having been in business for 14 years now, running a profitable event photography business, I didn't expect to learn much. I was mainly there to collect the credits toward my Masters. But I was very impressed with your class. While there were many things that I did already know, there were also great tidbits of wisdom and subtle pieces of information that I have never heard elsewhere. I truly believe that implementing these things is going to make a HUGE difference to the success of our newly growing portrait division..
Kate Caudillo - Caudillo Studios, Austin, TX
No matter how many times I have attended your program, I always leave with more. Thank you so much for your dedication to our craft and for caring enough to say it like it is.
Connie Zimmerlich, CPP, ClickChick Photography, Scottsdale, AZ
I'm a veteran of 34 years. Your excellent presentation gave me the affirmation I had been feeling desperate for. Thank you! And Thank you!
Anne Hilling, Hilling Design, Bellevue, WA
This is the fifth time I've attended your one or two day seminar, and I learn something every time!
 Trey Homan, Cr.Photog, CPP, General Manager, Artistic Images, Portraits by Elizabeth, San Antonio, TX
Today, you set a "new" standard of excellence for the photographers of The Pacific Northwest. Your presentation will establish the comment ... "Ann says!" -- as the capstone of conversation for time to come!
 Gary Jentoff, Gary Jentoft. Publisher The Studio News -
I was hoping your presentation would be addressing the current situation in my studio, and I was not disappointed! Thank you so much for your insightful and honest evaluation of our profession.
 Michael Thresher, River Street Photography, Cashmere, WA
As a 20+ year pro veteran, I really appreciated your presentation in Pasadena. You hit the nail on the head and helped clarify where our profession is languishing right now. I agree it is up to the individual studios to reeducate our clients as to our value to them.
 Paul Bormann, Paul Borman Photography, Cedarpines Park, CA
It's a rare talent — being able to educate with such great wit; I thoroughly enjoyed your class. I'm going over my notes and chuckling as I remember your 'side bar comments'. So, you're brightening up my day even from afar. Thank you.
 Carole Honeyman-Huff, Source Photographics International, Olympia, WA
I want to thank you so much for the incredible training...I am working on my list of changes to make to my business as we speak and feeling more confident than I ever have about the direction of my business! It’s hard to find direction and solid advice in this business and you gave both, which is so appreciated!
 Jamie Gorby - Jamie Gorby Photography, Stanton, MI
Thanks again Ann! You rocked our conference, and really helped us to keep and get back on track in our business.
 Rich Breshears - Breshears Professional Photography, Kennewick, WA
I am still benefiting from the seminar in Boston you taught last year. Less shooting =m ore sales. Some seminars seem to be padded spending too much time explaining the "problem". Yours cut to the chase and was efficient with lots of critical information with no fluff. I will be coming to the next seminar you offer in my area, I'm sure that I would benefit from another exposure to your work.
 Peter Friedman - Peter Friedman Photographer, Weston, CT
That was the best two days ever! I am always amazed at your depth of knowledge and your expertise in presenting a detailed and informative workshop on marketing and pricing . I came away with renewed hope and a positive attitude. You are great fun Ann! When I meet a person who professes to be a professional photographer, I always ask if she knows Ann Monteith. When I get a blank stare . . ha . . . there’s my answer!!
 Linda McCarthy - Visual Concepts Photography, Davidsonville, MD
Thank you so much for your incredibly informative presentation! I learned things I didn't realize I should have known after 11 years in business!
 Nikki Fil Schneider - Schneider Photography, Boise, ID
Thanks again for all of the help at the workshop... I'm looking forward to implementing all of those new ideas, and I hope that I'm a changed studio the next time that our paths cross!!
 Jerrod Brown - Atlanta
Fantastic seminar. Thank you for all of this valuable information!
  Mallory Roa - Mallory Roa Photography
Ann, Thanks so much! I really enjoyed the workshop and found it extremely beneficial. I am new to photography and it was exactly what I was looking for.
 Maureen Cryer
Ann, Wow, it all made sense . . . There were so many light bulbs that went off over the course of those two days.
 David Lee Michaels - David Lee Michaels Photography, Roanoke, VA
Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop. We thought the one you held four years ago was great, and this one exceeded our expectations!

I appreciate your transparency with your business - it has been difficult to assess if the advice some of the experts are giving is based on their experience of running a profitable business, or if they have just positioned themselves as an expert in order to sell stuff.

When we attended the workshop four years ago we really started running a business that sells portraits - instead of just making decisions based on what seemed right, we started looking at the numbers to see if something made sense.

Your marketing materials for Persnickety are inspirational and are helping us now as we revamp our collateral materials. Thanks for all you do!
 Kristin Smith - Parker Smith Photography, Atlanta
Thank you so much for offering a phenomenal learning opportunity! Your presentation could not have come at a better time for me, as I am about to rent a studio space. Your financial planning suggestions, along with SuccessWare, will be the core of my financial structuring. So thank you, thank you!
 Danielle Lavis - Danielle Lavis Photography Boutique Studios, Savage, MD
Thanks so much for being such an enjoyable speaker. I loved your enthusiasm and genuine caring and conviction and that you understand the meaning of what you are doing. It's so refreshing to see this kind of caring about something . . . about us as an industry . . . enough to really do something about it. These are trying times. I have been in this industry since 1985 and have loved it. Again, thanks so much for caring about all of us who live this passion. It means so much more whenever there is great need.
 Connie Jarzyna - Timeless Images Photography, Shelby, NC
We really enjoyed your workshop, and appreciated the way you fed us the Big Meal in digestible, bite-sized portions! Providing your workshop slides to the class was tremendously helpful, allowing us to focus on your workshop and absorb the information instead of furiously taking notes the entire time. Thank you for coming to Atlanta.
  Colleen & Sol Sims - Solarview Photography, Rosewell, GA
I truly cannot thank you enough for sharing your knowledge, insight and wisdom with me at last week’s workshop. The information is priceless! to implement!
  Judith Sargent - Judith Sargent Photography Inc., Boston, MA
Thank you for teaching so much that I needed. I know I will use the information for years to come.
  Jeff Naramoor - Star Photography Northwest, Vancouver, WA