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Way too many photographers create images to please themselves; the way to make money is to create products that please consumers. There's a big difference between creating an image and constructing a product!
Ann Monteith
How To Create Profitable Products That Are Easy To Sell
Every business must have an “inventory” of products around which to develop a sound and realistic business concept. The digital transition has blurred the line between hobbyists and professionals, and this workshop segment deals with how to confidently define that difference in the eyes of consumers you wish to reach.
  • Identifying your ideal client
  • Defining your product, based on your business concept
  • Determining whether your product is cost-efficient to produce
  • Assuring that your products stand out from what consumers can produce
  • Returning to craft and value
  • How to communicate the value of products to consumers — before, during, and after the photography session or event
  • Dealing with the "Disc vs. Prints" issue
  • Adding value through artful presentation