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It makes no sense to start a business without understanding what its profit potential is, and how much money you have to take in to achieve your finanacial objectives. Otherwise, you are likely to be embarking on a very expensive hobby.
Ann Monteith
Demystifying Financial Management
Very few photographers go into business to because they are fascinated by financial management and accounting, but it's where you need to start if you are serious about having a profitable business. Ann will take you on an easy-to-understand walk through the key financial yardsticks that allow you to take control of your business.
  • Using the PPA Benchmarks to structure your business
  • Keeping track of expenses
  • How to calculate the sales volume you need to yield the income you want
  • Determining how many sessions it takes to be profitable
  • Real world business planning
  • How to track your monthly business progress
  • How to manage your cash flow