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The number-one reason why photographers don’t get the clients they want is that consumers can’t tell the difference between one studio and another.
But it's amazing what happens to a business when it creates a meaningful, memorable brand.
Ann Monteith
Establishing A Memorable, Meaningful Brand
When this segment is completed, you'll understand why Ann advises photographers that “Job One in marketing is to clarify your brand.” And she'll help you do just that in a hands-on session in which you identify her "5 Key Elements of Branding" for your specific studio, after which you will prepare a written marketing message that can serve as the foundation of all future marketing. Other topics include:
  • Establishing a strong business identity and marketing style
  • Internet marketing strategies: websites / social media/ blogs
  • Opportunity marketing strategies
  • Client acquisition strategies
  • Client education strategies
  • Relationship marketing strategies
  • Year-round marketing campaigns