Jul 2013

Not to Miss . . .
FREE Continuing Education Resources

Just a reminder that both Marathon and PPA have numerous educational resources to help you improve your business.

FOR PPA MEMBERS: PPAedu (Log on to PPA.com)


As I mentioned in class, PPAedu is now a reality: A FREE benefit of membership in PPA. I had heard about PPAedu’s Self-Assessment Tool that can offer recommendations on course options based on the prospective student’s specific educational needs. I decided to give it a try. I’m leased to report that the questions were intelligently structured, and the results were spot on for my current need!


During the Workshop I mentioned that I’ve been taking classes to upgrade my Photoshop knowledge, and sure enough, the automated tool had suggestions for online classes that I’m sure will help me. Wow! What a great benefit!



At the Workshop I also mentioned Bridget Jackson, CPA and SMS Manager. For PPA members, there is no charge to contact Bridget with a specific business question. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity, which would be costly if you had to contact a local accountant. Plus Bridget has a wealth of knowledge about best practices for professional photographers. You can email her at bjackson@ppa.com.



Marathon has an outstanding Blog that enjoys a huge readership because it features real-world business articles, information on all kinds of resources that you might not find elsewhere, inspirational posts, and some that are just plain fun. Blog posts are published once a week, and if you want to receive a notice each time a new Blog post is published, send an email to melanieb@marathonpress.com.


One of my favorite posts is by one of my favorite instructors, John Hartman, and it is entitled “The Case for Not Selling Your Digital Files.” John does a great job of making this case, and best of all, he reveals the very well-chosen words he uses to make his case to clients, as well as to help you understand what the digital file issue is all about from the client’s perspective.You will find the post at this link. To bookmark the Marathon Blog, use http://blog.marathonpress.com.

A Great Big THANK YOU . . .

Thanks to PPA and Marathon for making this year’s “Get Down To Business Workshop” a success. A road workshop doesn’t just happen . . . it’s the product of many hours of behind-the-scenes work by many people. At the PPA end, thanks to Kristen Hartman, Director of Member Value and Experience, and Scott Kurkian, Chief Financial Officers.


Thanks to all the folks at Marathon for providing such a wonderful notebook and helpful handouts, and special thanks to Bill Camacho and Mark Weber for their incredible support; here they are at work: Thought you might like to see how many boxes it takes to teach a workshop!



Most especially, thanks to everyone who took the time to attend a workshop! It’s folks like you who keep me going :-).

Wrapping up in Las Vegas

You can probably tell from my expression below, I’ve had a wonderful time teaching four Get Down to Business Classes this year, and the full house in Las Vegas was no exception.


I was pleased to see so many experienced photographers who are working hard to overcome the challenges of today’s market as well as newer photographers who understand the importance of adopting best practices in order to avoid marketing and management pitfalls. This is the final US workshop in this series for 2013, but I’ll be doing the workshop for Professional Photographers of Canada in Saskatoon, on August 25-26.

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