Dec 2012

New Ann Monteith Workshop
Scheduled for 4 Cities

I’m delighted to announce that I will be presenting a new workshop in four locations around the country for 2013. Sponsored by PPA and Marathon Press, the 2-day, intensive workshops will cover a great deal of ground on what I consider to be the 6 elements that are necessary for business success: Finances, Products, Workflow, Branding, Pricing and Selling. It’s possible that you are doing a good job in some of these aspects of your business. Even if you are doing well in all of them, but still aren’t satisfied with your business progress, my guess is that you might not fully understand how these elements function together. I can assure you that you will if you are willing to spend two days away from your studio to concentrate on your business. I promise you that your business will improve!

I hope to see you in one of these cities: Denver, Baltimore/Washington, Dallas, and Las Vegas. Pheck the schedule at this link.

Happy New Year!
  Ann Monteith