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Today's industry is filled with thousands of photographers who don't have a clue about pricing. Until they understand the basics of pricing, they are wasting their time. Learning how to price changes everything.
Ann Monteith
Pricing For Profit
Pricing is the foundation of your profitability, and Ann literally wrote the book on this subject. As the industry’s most knowledgeable expert on pricing for profitability, she will demystify both the art and science of pricing portrait and wedding photography according to the industry standards that she helped to develop. Her topics will include:
  • The mechanics of pricing
  • What you need to know about profit margins.
  • Aligning your price list with how you shoot
  • Aligning your price list with how you sell
  • Automating pricing
  • The rights and wrongs of session fees
  • Creating price lists that support your sales system
  • Knowing when to package and when not to package